Myorkas Dreams

A work in progress

Monas Memories! Not In Fact Real (o.0)



Some say life is a Bed Of Roses.
With the Life Of Riley for some.
Garden Of Eden for the Chosen.
Waiting for our turn to come.

Eazy Schmooz ....

 I am Little Red Robbing Hoody....
Skipping along in the Woody....
Tra La La Triske Dee Triske Dah...
Zippity Dippity Hoo Dooh Yah...

Sadness has become my constant companion now.
Devouring my very Soul & mind with no peace...

Alarm of the wind beast is blowing.
Across the land of nocturnal dreams.  
Pulsing in my body & Soul teasing me.

Missing You, seems to be my curse...
I think of You every second of every day...
You are the air I breath the reason I live...


Words of Forever come to my mind.
But my time is so short I cannot speak.
Words of Eternity flirt with my thoughts.
I wonder when I die what will I find?

Pain my constant companion now.
Waiting for the end, but scared too.
Long lonely road of dying is mine.
Want to share myself more but how?


In the Dawning of Time!
When the Earth was New!
The stars sang a song!
Heard by only a Few!

The Universe is Alive!
Filled from Brim to Brim!
Going on until Eternity!
With a Light that will never Dim!

Angelic Hosts to §eranade us!
Universes to seek and Explore!
Miracles to be Witnessed!
On each and every shore!

{By: Bymbo Bimbogami}


Sometimes you have to lose to win.
Sometimes you have to cry a lot.



Well sank me for a Witch!
Who has the 7 year itch!
Horny toads and diaper pins!
Fishey dreams with scaly fins!

Mocha latte, coffee express!
My life seems to be in distress!
Win some, lose some, pie in the sky!
Always asking myself, who, what, where & why?

Bacon shaken vanilla pudding supreme!
Things are not always as they seem!
Aspirin, tylenol Angel wings on high!
We will know the answers by and by!

Persius, Calliope the Lone Ranger!
I feel we are all in grave danger!
Cats meow and frozen dacquries!
Floating on a summer breeze!~

Cream, asparagus, rizo con pollo!
Living life in the tone of solo!
Panther chevy airship on high.
I Love Chocolate Meringue Pie.

Seperate, whole by half plus one!
We are only whole when we have the Son!
Debate, celebrate and go by force!
For ever altering our human course!

Tearing, swearing, vandalizing as we go!
Taking Chaos with us always in tow.
Disheveled, Bewildered falling apart.
Who now days has any heart?

[[Burnyn Ember.]]

Odz Bodkins! I'ts A Burnyn Ember......[[0-o]]
[[Klaatu Barata Nikto]]



[§] [[Elven-De-Mon]]

Sonic backgrounds and tonal deaths!
One by one they are coming.
One by one they will arrive!
Pray on the memory. Keep on this course.


Headed for destruction. Deaths armies on time.
Public horror. Deviant dreams. Panic!
All are put asunder & confused. Abort!
Mother nature on rampage run amok. Re-flux.

[§][©-Andrews Demonia.]



I awoke today with your name upon my lips..  
As i enjoyed your manly weight upon my hips...

Oona Vendetta


Got the Blues. Got the Lows.



Heretofore I am incognito.
On the lam & in the zone.

Darquee Destiny



Extreme Ways

Extreme ways are back again
Extreme places I didn't know
I broke everything new again
Everything that I'd owned
I threw it out the window; came along
Extreme ways I know will part the colors of my sea
perfect colored me

Extreme ways they help me
They help me out late at night
Extreme places I had gone
That never seen any light
Dirty basements, dirty noise
Dirty places coming through
Extreme worlds alone
Did you ever like it planned?

I would stand in line for this
There's always room in life for this

Oh baby, oh baby
Then it fell apart, it fell apart
Oh baby, oh baby
Then it fell apart, it fell apart(x2)

Extreme sounds that told me
They held me down every night
I didn't have much to say
I didn't give about the life
I closed my eyes and closed myself
And closed my world and never opened up to anything
That could get me at all

I had to close down everything
I had to close down my mind
Too many things could cut me
Too much could make me blind
I've seen so much in so many places
So many heartaches, so many faces
So many dirty things
You couldn't even believe

I would stand in line for this
It's always good in life for this

Oh baby, oh baby
Then it fell apart, it fell apart
Oh baby, oh baby
Then it fell apart, it fell apart(x20

Oh Baby, oh baby

Oh baby, oh baby

Then it fell apart, it fell apart Oh baby, oh baby
Then it fell apart, it fell apart Oh baby, oh baby
Then it fell apart, it fell apart
Oh baby, oh baby
Like it always does, always does

















Look who's advertising
Billboards everywhere
"See Hellacious Acres
Your tailor made nightmare"
Traffic is backed up for miles
Attendants welcome you with devilish smiles
Have your tickets ready
Steady... steady...
Go to hell
After dark
It's a sin-filled city
An amusement park
It's a one way ticket to the other side
It's a Dr. Jekyll and a Mr. Hyde
See Lizzie Borden, she's one of the stars
And Tricky Dicky barkin'
Flashin' you his pardon
Jack the Ripper slashin' your tires

Even the devil needs money
To cover his overhead
That's why he opened Hellacious Acres
Or so his press agent said
Hang out with heavies
Your partners in crime
Forget the consequences,
Have a good time
Have your tickets ready

Go to hell
After darks
It's a sin filled city
An amusement park
And a one way ticket to the other side
It's a Dr. Jekyll it's a Mr. Hyde
Get down and study suspicion and doubt
At Hellacious Acres
Listen mischief makers
Admission's free you pay to get out 
BY= Myra Davis

SAGAS DE MOI......................

Love Denied saga:

Forbidden Embrace 2010:
Silent dreams of wanton splendor totally rule my wayward thoughts. My dreams of you begin to swirl. as I walk through the silver Door. Only in my most secret place do I ever dare to speak the words that declare my inner feelings, as I allow our forbidden embrace. Entwining in a sea of un-quenched passion I give myself to you and only you. My Soul to you I gladly endow. Bowing to a love only God could fashion. My thoughts are so far beyond this mortal place called earth. In the Heavens above they do reside. On the Boulevard of the Golden Pond. I am yours and you are mine. For this eternal forever journey weaving our bodies and our Souls. Becoming in-toxicated on loves pure wine. [[MYRA D. 2010]] ^^


Lucifer saga:

Anti-Christians 2010:
Pay me now or pay me later! For your future belongs to me. Caring not for who you harmed. Knowing not that I am a Satyr. The day you took your first drug, You belonged only to me. Cursing your mother and father, Being all brash and oh so smug. As if you knew all there was to know. Then you had to see about sex. Too young but too curious to care. You have to pay as you go. I will eat you alive and spit you out. Tear your body assunder. Not caring about the awful pain. Nor heeding that you are so Devout. Say you're Christian all you want. You can't hide your lying Soul from me. I'll sniff you out and brand you mine. All your waking hours I will taunt. I am giving you no way to escape. You're mine now for eternity. Never an inch will I give. As all your senses I will rape. Bow to me my in-significant morsel. Do my bidding as I so declare. I dare you to change your fate. As you follow me straight to Hell. For I am the Angel of Light. Known far and wide as Lucifer. Devouring all I want or desire. Leaving you to your own plight. [[MYRA D. 2010]] ^^


Multi saga:

Thoughts Askew 2010:
Somewhere between now and then. In the vast oceans of time. Stands the Celestial Watcher. For-saking all who sin. In robes of Satiny white. Wings of the purest gold. Eyes that sparkle & glisten, With the Premordial Light. Ever on Her guard for evil. She surveys the universe. [[MYRA D. 2010]] ^^


Dawn Of Time saga:

Beginning Chaos 2010:
In the dawning of time. When the earth was new. The stars sang a song. Heard by only a few. Angels wandered the earth. Mingling with man-kind. [[MYRA D. 2010]] ^^


Beyond Here saga:

Magical Realms 2010:
Come with me to the beyond. In between space & time. Where dreams are reality. I know of such a place. In the Magical Moonbeams. Of Marmalade Tangerine Seas. Is the only destination. We get there through our dreams. Suns of Crimson Tides. Moons of Chrystal Mountains. Stars of Silver Oceans. That's where Heaven resides. Somewhere in the great beyond. Past all history & time. Lies the great Utopia. Behind the Golden Pond. Horizons of purple hazes. Fields of Paisley colored swirls. Rivers of fresh morning dew. It's where Angels sing their Praises. [[MYRA D. 2010]] ^^


Ending saga:

Do we ever grow up?^^". [[Myra D.]]!



Tootsie Wootsie......................

Tootsie Wootsie, Teensie Weensy, pudding pie.
Hurley burley, round & round, Angel sky.
Dancing prancing doing a jelly whirl.
Look isn't she such a pretty girl.

Golden curls, sugar and spice.
Lips and hips that do entice.
Rootie Tootie let's so desire.
Woolie Bully pants on fire.

Eyes of blue oh how they lure.
How much can one man endure?
Hokie Pokie he does his thing.
Jolly Folly she has a ring.

Myra Davis

The dog days are here & Hell has arrived.
While we were sleeping Satan invaded our minds. He has taken our
thoughts & turned them poisonous. We breath hate, sex & violence
day in & day out. 24-7 our lives drift away with-out us even feeling that
our Soul has departed. We have become drugged & we hear not, we see not
& we feel not. Greed is a disease that is killing everything in it's path.
Violence grows with every passing day. What was wrong they say is now right.
Women being tortured day in & day out while grown men turn their collective
faces. Women & children used for sex as if they were not human. Animals
treated as if they had no Soul & there would be no payment due for their
being slaughtered by the millions.

Innocence is gone for now.
Evil-ness will have its way for a little while.
We will see dark days of blood & terror.
Things not even the Devil should be made to watch.
Frozen in a moment of time we have murdered ourselves.
Turn your eyes toward Heaven & Pray for your very Souls!

Sonic backgrounds in fear. Dreams in the tonal sound of death.
Lucifer marches closer as the Hordes amass. None can save you now.
The Gates have been closed which none can open! Cry for Mother Earth.
Wail for the Innocent! Scream for the Un-Holy are here!
Black as dark as the pit of Hell prevails for a time.
None are safe all are at risk. Sleep well in your bed of hate.
Walk silently upon your own blood. Wallow in your Un-Holy Desires.
Laugh at the terror of millions who bath the earth with Satanic Scarlet Tears....
Hounds of Hell circle the younth. Devouring everything in their Demonic paths.
Speak thy En-Cantations and Spells. Dance naked upon the mid-night air.
Howl and bay at the moon. Yell to the She who never was nor never
will be. Devine regal yet un-born. Neither man nor beast will escape the wrath to come.
Cry blood tears. Look in the very eyes of Evil un-told.
Eat the un-truths of the Abyss Called Hell.
Follow Satan to your very death. Folly in the world of Fantasy shun the light of day.
Ride the train to Perdition dare not complain. Look away from the Light if you dare.
Reject the Truth at your own peril. Warnings I give & only you can except them.
Flee from Babylon now today. Do not hesitate, do not wait do not linger.
Get on your knees & ask for the Son to shine on the darkness within your very own soul.
That never ending clawing, gnawing, bondage that enslaves you day & night with no rest.


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